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IDS - Intranet Database System©
IDS - Intranet Database System IDS is our data management system for small and medium sized businesses who want a system designed specifically for their needs and their data. IDS secures your data and allows you to access it from any location. Whether your needs are automation, consolidation, sharing, editing, reporting or invoicing IDS is the most cost-effective solution for you.

IDS is fully customizable to your needs, with the display of each data screen being tailored to your specifications. We will perform the customization both when you start using it, and afterwards as your needs change and grow.

Download the IDS Demo.

Download our PowerPoint presentation about IDS.

Donna Nicol; Marketing Manager; Rosco Laboratories, Inc.
zBlueSoftware created our custom database management system to do exactly what we needed, help us communicate with our customers. When we realized how much more we could do with all the information easily at hand, we started requesting the additon of new features. This is never a problem, and is usually completed within days.

What used to be a difficult process, to do target marketing, is now easily done, without any special software training. As we continue to increase our abilities to communicate with our customers, new opportunities can continually be added.

No pre-packaged software can match that! It's a pleasure to work with zBlueSoftware.
Jean Morgan, MD; VP, Chief Medical & Research Officer; Castle Connolly Medical Ltd
IDS continues to make a huge difference to the profitability of our company, providing us with a custom designed information database that expands as and when we need it.

It has empowered our employees to better record detailed information on thousands of physicians and hospitals nationwide, to generate a wide variety of reports and allows for in-depth retrival and analysis of all our information. IDS is invaluable, it is the core of our company.

I highly recommend their services!
Scott Hinds; Sector & Sovereign Research, LLC
zBlueSoftware was truly a partner throughout the development of our database and software. They worked tirelessly, from the proposal phase through final delivery, to understand our specific data needs and to find the best way to implement them. They were always flexible, courteous and, more importantly, responsive to our needs. And at the end of the project, they provided us with a unique and powerful tool that is integral to our work. I would not hesitate to use zBlueSoftware again, and would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in need of a development partner.
IDS is designed with three concepts in mind:
• Minimizing your cost
• Maximizing your ability to access, edit and cross reference your data
• Removing the need for you to learn how to modify functionality of IDS to fit your needs.
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Features Overview:
IDS Desktop
Customized data search screens
Customized data editing screens
Customized reporting tools
Customized data import & export tools
Bulk emailing
Customizable menus per user
Update multiple databases simultaneously
Website & mobile integration
Technical Overview:
Java based (runs on Windows and Mac)
Integrates with MS SQL Server or MySQL databases
XML & JDBC technology

Download the IDS Demo
IDS PowerPoint Presentation
IDS PowerPoint Presentation (Zipped)