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Website & E-Commerce ColdFusion Development
ColdFusion is Adobe's application server software that allows for rapid and easy development of web applications. In our opinion it offers more features than any other web development language, and is our solution of choice when it comes to creating and running websites.

Through the use of ColdFusion we can rapidly develop your website using technology from HTML 5 to Flash, to AJAX, as well as integrating file formats such as PDF and Excel.

If your website requires an e-commerce solution we can develop a custom ColdFusion based shopping cart and integrate it into any merchant system, such as PayPal or Why a custom shopping cart? Because it will maintain a seamlessness between your website and your other internal systems and offer a level of customization which can't be matched by and off-the-shelf product.

Rich UI Interfaces...
Using ColdFusion's built in components we can quickly and easily develop the best website for your needs. If you require something more specialized we can use the ColdFusion elements as a starting point to developing your custom solution quickly and efficiently.

ColdFusion provides an excellent framework for accessing the data in your databases, all the while keeping those databases and their data hidden from the public. The connection management system included with the software allow for optimal connections to the database. What does this all mean for you and your website? A fast and responsive website that attracts and keeps users.

ColdFusion offers a host of security features designed to keep the website, server and any associated databases safe from attacks. We will use all these as appropriate to maximize your security during the development of your ColdFusion driven website.

If you already have a ColdFusion based website that you need to update, whether due to the need for new features, or to allow for an increased amount of traffic we can review the existing code with an eye to improving the performance or adding the new features.

Fusion Reactor...
Fusion Reactor is a fantastic program that allows you to view how the ColdFusion server is working in real time. This tool includes a multitude of graphs, displays and logged data to help improve the execution speed of your server. We can look through this data to determine what needs to be done to improve any performance bottlenecks that might exist in your current ColdFusion system.

Updating Code...
Over time even the code of the best written websites can become outdated. This can be due to improved methods of working which came about after the website launched, or because of improperly executed additions, or because of increased traffic. Whatever the cause we can examine your code to look for areas in which it can be improved. This is all aimed at improving the user experience with a more responsive ColdFusion website.

Adding Features...
As your company grows you will likely need to add features to your site. We will examine your existing site and servers and determine the best way to develop and include the new functionality so that you don't need to worry.

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