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SQL Server
Data management is an extremely important part of almost every business. The ability to quickly store, retrieve and analyze any amount of data can give you a strategic advantage. We can help you achieve this in an easy worry-free manner.

If you are looking to create a new database or maintain, expand or improve upon an existing database we have the resources and experience that you need. We can help you to:
• Improve the security of your data through intelligent data acquisition techniques
• Increase the speed of data delivery through design and query improvements
• Decide upon the appropriate database software
• Expand an existing system to meet your growing needs
• Create a system to manage your data through our IDS systems

MS SQL Server:
Microsoft's SQL Server is one of the most robust databases available. We recommend it for most of our clients.

• Various different editions to meet your needs
• Handles millions of records easily
• Easily imports data from existing sources, such as MS Access
• Extremely good for medium to high transaction systems
MySQL is an extremely flexible open source database. If you have smaller data needs, then this could be the best option for you.

• No purchasing costs
• Good database for smaller needs
• You can upgrade to MS SQL Server if necessary