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IDS - Growing With You
IDS - Intranet Database System Your business has a life-cycle all of its own.

First, your company is born. At its start, its needs are basic - attention, love, and care. Then, your business begins to grow. It matures; it forms relationships; until finally your business is capable of doing things you may never have imagined at its conception.

This often makes it difficult for companies to find the right software solution for their growing businesses. What if you purchase one software product, and months later realize that something more complex is now required? Or if your company begins to offer an entirely new service, a service which your current software is not designed to manage? It is important to always have a system that has the ability to grow and develop in concurrence with your business - and IDS is just that kind of system.

IDS is our data management system for small and medium sized businesses who want a system designed specifically for their needs and their data. Fully customizable to the exact requirements of your business, the display of each data screen within IDS is tailored to your precise specifications. At zBlueSoftware, we will perform this customization both when you start using IDS, and afterwards as your needs change and grow.

Because of the modular nature of the IDS system, it can be leveraged as appropriate to meet any and all of your company's needs, and each IDS module can be modified at any time to accommodate your data.

This provides three major benefits. First, you are able to constantly add to the available functionalities of your IDS system. If a special need or request is necessary to complete a certain task which the existing components do not meet, then a customized module will be built for this purpose. Therefore, as your business continues to grow and change, so does IDS.

Second, IDS can help your company more efficiently budget its finances. Instead of spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars up-front to design a tremendously complex system that interacts with all areas of your business, you may instead choose to develop IDS for only one department or function at a time. This option allows you to implement a type of payment-plan with which YOU feel most comfortable, and add additional features onto the system over time as your budget permits.

Finally, IDS allows your employees to adjust more easily to change. Rather than having to relearn multiple aspects of an entirely new system all at once, IDS modules let employees become familiar with one module first, before transferring other functions to IDS as well.

Don't hold your business back from achieving its potential! For more information, please email us at info@zbluesoftware.com, or call (203) 202-2121 to schedule your free IDS consultation.

Download the IDS Demo.