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IDS Database Technology
IDS - Intranet Database System IDS is designed to be flexible so that it can work with any database. The two most often used solutions are MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server. This allows IDS to work within any budget.

The choice of database is determined after carefully examining your requirements and budget. MySQL is an extremely scalable free database. Microsoft's SQL Server is a highly scalable database suitable for medium and high transaction situations.

IDS allows you to start with the most cost efficient database which meets your needs. If, as your company and system grow, it becomes apparent that a different database solution may better serve your needs, the existing database can easily be switched for a more robust database.

In brief:
• Works with MySQL and Microsoft's SQL Server, among others
• MySQL - an extremely scalable free database
• Microsoft SQL Server - a highly scalable, medium and high transaction, database
• Upgrade your database at any time

Download the IDS Demo.