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IDS & Data Security
IDS - Intranet Database System The security of data is something that may not be in the forefront of your mind during the day-to-day operations of your business. You may have your data in Excel files and share those files through email or other file sharing websites. Or you may have a small database stored on one or more of your company desktops, or even on a server which you access directly. While these methods for storing your data may seem to meet your needs, they all fail to properly secure your company's data.

Any data that your company has is valuable to your company, and should only be accessible by approved users. In addition it may be appropriate to encrypt some of your data, especially any sensitive information such as passwords or other personal information. The risk of your data being inappropriately accessed, whether by an accidental email or through a file sharing misstep, is not one to which you should leave yourself open.

One of the main features of the IDS system is data security. Using IDS, your data is stored in a SQL Server database that is only accessible by the IDS application on that server. The IDS application ensures proper authenticity of any database requests it receives. If those requests do not come from an approved IDS client application they will be rejected.

The third layer of security comes in the form of the IDS client application. Unlike a web-based system, which anyone with a web browser can access, the IDS client application needs to be installed on your employee's desktop for them to access your data. The final layer of security is that each of your employees has their own unique login to the IDS client application, providing them with only the access they need to have. Removing the employee's access to the IDS client, removes their access to your company's data.

There is no sharing of data files with IDS. You no longer have to worry about security issues presented by email or file sharing websites. IDS provides multiple levels of protection to your data, while still allowing access to those who need it, from any location.

If your company is still using methods that may leave your data or your clients' data vulnerable, we strongly advise that you consider upgrading the security of your system with IDS. For more information, please email us at info@zbluesoftware.com, or call (203) 202-2121 to schedule your free IDS consultation.

Download the IDS Demo.